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Symptoms of Stargardt's Disease


Signs and Symptoms

Stargardt's is a progressive disease. Initially, the symptoms may be mild, but worsen over time. The progression of Stargardt's varies with the individual. Studies show that after visual acuity decreases below 20/40, deterioration may be rapid until visual acuity reaches 20/200. At this level, the patient's vision typically

Early symptoms

   Blurred vision not correctable with glasses or contact lenses

      (this is one of the earliest symptoms)

    Difficulty adapting from bright sunlight to a dimmer room

Later symptoms

   Progressive deterioration of central vision

   Missing areas of central vision

   Central blind spot

   Diminishing ability to perceive colours

A grid test in which the patient looks at a test page (similar to graph paper) is used to test the extent of sight loss spots.
A dark or empty area appears in the centre of vision.
While covering one eye, look at the dot in the centre of the grid. If the lines around the dot are blurry or distorted, you may have a macula problem.